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The Organizing Committee at IRAP is pleased to welcome you to the Cassini MAPS Workshop 2018 at the Musée des Abattoirs in Toulouse.

This workshop will be the opportunity to discuss latest results on all aspects of Saturn's magnetospheric dynamics including its interactions with the icy moons and the induced magnetosphere of Titan, as well as the closer-than-ever observations of the planet and its rings obtained during the Cassini Grand Finale.


Toulouse, the Pink City and Cite Aeronautics and Space

Toulouse is situated in the south of France, at the northern tip of the Haute-Garonne département, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
This city tingles your spine with a Latin heat that inspires both its temperature and architecture. Toulouse is the 4th largest French city, in the heart of southwestern France. The town is ideally located halfway between the Pyrénées Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Toulouse is traversed by the Garonne River and the charming Canal du Midi

With its characteristic architecture, the city of Toulouse has earned the nickname "ville rose" or "pink city" due to the colour of the local building material traditionally used - terra cotta bricks. Toulouse is now one of Europe's high-tech cities with a large number of cutting-edge businesses in the aeronautic, IT and space industry, as well as many research institutes.

The university, founded in 1229, is the third largest in France, one of the oldest in Europe. Major fields are Aeronautics, Electronics and Electrotechnics, Agronomy, Health Sciences and Earth and Planetary sciences.

Toulouse has been chosen to host the EuroScience Open Forum in 2018, becoming the European City of Sciences.





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